Friday, June 22, 2012

Twitter anipal community

I have had a twitter account for a while @Rabbitmeow but didn't start using it until recently. I didn't understand how entertaining and what a wonderful resource it could be. Now I tweet everyday and I've met alot of great animals and their owners. The anipal community is huge! It has been very refreshing to meet and follow people that truly care and love animals. I enjoy waking up in the morning seeing what the rabbits, cats, dogs, and guinea pigs from all around the world are up to. It's quick and easy to use. Another aspect of twitter that I enjoy is the pictures that people share. I love seeing cute animal pictures. People post pictures of their animals in their houses, outside, cute poses, etc. It's fantastic that people share their animals lives. I have been sharing pictures of Tarin on twitter. I want to share pictures of her life and like the other anipal parents I want to share the joy that she brings to me. Twitter is also a good resource for advice on pet questions and care. With so many animal owners if you have a concern you can tweet a question and see if someone has helpful advice. If you are an animal owner/lover and you are not on twitter-do it. You will be amazed at the amount of animal lovers. Just sign up and start following animals or animal people. And if you are an animal person on twitter- thank you for sharing your love of animals.

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