Friday, February 6, 2009

Forgotten Victims: Miracle on the Hudson

Floating on a rip current wave of air the feather flowed carelessly and free from its owner, the bird to the misfortune of the Canada Goose it was at the wrong place, at the wrong time, occupying the same air space as a craft that was more larger and powerful than the honking 13 pound goose.
Nothing more remained recognizable as to the identity of this goose, or his other unlucky goose companion (also perished in the event). Just the feathers that continued to float below to the world.
No search party will be commissioned for these geese, no candle light memorial. The families will never receive news of the catastrophe that claimed the lives of these two "Good Geese".

Rest in Peace Geese.

2/6/2009 concerning the January 15 "Miracle on the Hudson" airplane crash caused by two geese into the engines which made the plane land in the Hudson River in New York, no fatalities. Just two Geese.