Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mourning Dove

Yesterday as I stood in the kitchen, there was a loud thump. Initially Troy and I thought this loud thump was rabbit protesting some issue, but it turned out he was on the other side of the room where the thump originated. We went outside to see a beautiful Morning Dove twitching on the lawn in front of the window.
The poor thing ran into the window. We ran inside to get garden gloves to see if there was anything we could do for the poor thing, however, it was too late.
The poor morning dove broke its neck and lay motionless in my hands, its spirit was gone.
Seeing the death of this poor bird brought me to strong emotions and tears, this beautiful and delicate animal lost its life in a tragic accident. If I didn’t mourn its death, who would. No one even knows this poor bird has died, he won’t be missed. But this bird won’t be forgotten, I hold a special place in my heart for this Morning Dove. I will not forget him.
Rest In Peace
Morning Dove
Your beauty has not left this earth unknown