Thursday, June 17, 2010

Little Starling

As I was walking to my car from work I noticed a baby bird on the sidewalk.

At first I thought the baby bird was dead but I saw it breathing and moving and it broke my heart.

I identified it as a European Starling (Sturnus Vulgaris)

I picked up the poor thing, looking up wondering where it fell from, but I couldn't tell where the nest was because the tree was so high.

I set him near a bush and began to walk away, but I couldn't do it, I couldn't leave him alone. There were three cats prowling around and I knew as soon as I left they would probably attack the poor thing. I went back to the baby bird sat on the grass and held him gently in my hands, he momentarily opened his eyes, looked up, opened his mouth.

I set him on the grass next to me and called animal hospitals in the area, no one wanted to take or treat this baby starling. I called Troy and asked him what he thought I should do, he said call pet stores and see if they have any suggestions or resources. I did just that. I called and got a old of a person who said they would show me how to feed the baby bird. I called Troy and asked him to pick me up and take me there.

He arrived 15 minutes later with our rabbits carrier lined with old shirts for the small creature to rest on.

During our drive across town the bird, would move, open his eyes, and mouth. He was the cutest little thing.

When we arrived at our destination we walked through the door and located a person. As we were explaining our situation I looked at the little bird and watched it take its last breath.

It felt as though I could feel his spirit leave this earth.

Rest in Peace little Starling.

Although I tried to save you, the impact from your fall must have been too much. I hope that you didn't suffer. I hope that you enjoyed the car ride across town and the wind through your feathers as we drove with the windows down. At least your final moments were on a soft bed of t-shirts in the company of concerned people instead of hungry cats.

Rest in Peace Baby Starling, Rest in Peace.