Thursday, April 9, 2009

Faithful Dog; A survivor of the Italian earthquake

A few days ago, Italy was struck by a devastating earthquake. It turned many central farming communities into rubble. The earthquake was so powerful tremors were felt in Rome. L'Aquila was one of the towns hit the hardest by the quake and its aftershocks. Houses, churches, and other buildings which have stood of hundreds of years were reduced to piles of debris pinning, trapping, and killing many of the residents.
As I watched NBC Nightly News they showed the devastation. Among the survivors was a dog, a faithful dog. He was sitting on top of the rubble which use to be his home, his owners were trapped beneath it. The crews working the area tried to get the dog to leave, but he would not budge, he would not leave his owners behind. The faithful dog laid there as they dug up his family but it was too late his owners were dead.
I can’t imagine what this poor dog is going through, not only has he been through a devastating earthquake that claimed the lives of his family, but now he is alone. I don’t know if dogs have the intelligence to understand the magnitude of what happens with a disaster like this, I wonder if this dog will be emotionally traumatized or if he will one day live like a normal dog. All I know is that my heart goes out to this faithful dog and his loss.