Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Animals are not human.

Last night I watch the Animal Planet show Fatal Attractions. It is a show about people that decide to own pets that are exotic and dangerous; many times the animals instincts take over and a person is either hurt or dies.

Last night the show focused on tigers. Tigers are beautiful animals and I understand why a person would be drawn to this majestic creature - but we need to remember they are wild animals.
They have had shows in the past about other animals like lizards, panthars, snakes, and all sorts of amazing yet potentially dangerous animals.

I consider myself passionate about animals. I love all animals and I think each one has its own beauty (even snakes). What some people need to realize however is that we cannot anthropomorphize an animal (think it has human attributes and feelings) - because they do not. Even domestic animals that we commonly share our homes with like dogs, cats, rabbits, etc.

They are animals.

They can learn to live with us, accept us, and even love us but ultimatley it is from the animals point of view. We can try to understand their body language and thought patterns like how they structure their society. We need to remind ourselves that these gentle souls come from a different world than ours. They do not stress about bill, work, or taxes. Can they stress yes, but not about the same stresses - we will never fully understand.

It saddens me to watch shows like fatal attraction where people blind themselves of this reality and the animal suffers or is considered a monster.

The bottom line is all animals are in their hearts wild - and we need to repspect and honor that.

Every animal is beautiful.

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