Thursday, March 17, 2011


At my place of work there are geese that call this home. Around this time of year they begin to nest and start to protect their territory.
They will hiss, flap their wings, and chase you if you provoke them.

I love geese I think its cute and funny when they behave this way. If I walk by them and they begin to quietly hiss I tell them to "calm down, I'm just passing by and I'll be out of your feathers soon"

But not everyone share my same sentiments.
Many people hate the geese and find them a nuisance.

This morning a goose was found dead near one of the entrances. A large gaping hole in its chest.
It might have been an animal, I hope it was an animal because if a person killed this little goose for no reason other than just living - that is the face of true cruelty.

These animals, any animals must share the same planet with us, they ask for far less than we do. This is their home and we [as humans] can't forget that.

Although geese may annoy people sometimes - Let them be.

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